About Me

I am a Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend, a Writer and a Business Human.  I am also someone with a Brain Aneurysm. I have learned how to walk again, I was blind, I have been chopped, stitched, broken, mended and blessed and I am still here.

When you visit this blog you will find information about Brain Research, how to Donate to the Brain Foundation and the Alfred Hospital, as well as Beyond Blue and other support networks all whom both make massive contributions to saving people’s lives and finding ways to help us be here.

The Ponderings of Kirsten – meditations of the possibly dying but mostly living girl – has been described as “unflinching, honest [and] profoundly thoughtful” by the author of the Kirsten Profile PictureTomorrow When The War Began series, John Marsden.  It’s an inspiring, raw and uniquely funny account of Kirsten Macdonald’s life, a woman who recovered from brain aneurysm surgery that left her temporarily blind, bald and unable to walk, only to be told of a second aneurysm – this one inoperable.

This is an unusual blog in the way that it weaves humour, sadness, joy, fear and confusion seamlessly, and reveals and confronts challenging thoughts and situations gently to create the space for mindfulness, inspiration and gratitude. Kirsten’s blog takes readers through a journey of tears, laughter, breathlessness and heart smiles, into a world of reflection and evaluation.

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